Capricho de muñeca is a brand of leather handbags and accessories, handmade in limited edition in Barcelona.

It was total coincidence how I got to make leather handbags and found the brands name. In matters of bags, in Buenos Aires by chance I started to work with a handbag designer. Thats when I got caught by this practical, wonderful and elaborate object.
In Buenos Aires too, the brands name appeared by writting down words randomly found in a dictionnary.

In Berlin, inspiring city, I presented my first own handbags together with the clothing collection I was designing. Whiles in Barcelona I finally decided to only concentrate on working with leather, handbags and accessories.

A shop with a small workshop was a dream I didn’t expect to realise. But after working with designer Lluis Generó and his partner Toni Viladevall, it was them who encouraged and helped me to set up the business.
This was over 10 years ago. Since then I work at the shop, developping and confecting patterns, prototypes and handling the production.

The fact to work at the shop gives me the oportunity to have direct contact with clients. For me it is a special and flattering moment to see people discover one of my bags and be excited about it. It is often inspiring to listen to their ideas y opinions regarding bags.
All of this would not be possible without all the great people around me: Family, friends, collegues and clients. Their opinions, advice and vision are of great help and very important to function, improve and progress.

tienda de bolsos de piel - leather handbag shop
tienda de bolsos de piel - shop for leather handbags
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