Care of bags

Capricho de muñeca handbags and accessories are handcrafted, and only the finest leathers and high-quality raw materials are used.
Leather changes naturally with use. Colours can change with sunlight, or if they get wet, they might slightly loose brightness o get softer. These are normal aspects of leather when it ages.
Because leather is unique, it can have different tonal variations, small marks or scars are natural characteristics of leather and should not be considered defects. Dark coloured clothing can stain light-coloured leathers, and light-coloured clothing can be stained by dark-coloured leathers.
To protect and maintain your leather bag, it is recommended to use leather´s spray or special cream, which protects the bag from grease, rain and other liquids.

Cowhide leather:
This is a classic leather, resistant and slightly thicker with a plain, shiny finishing. For this type of leather special cream for leather can be used in order to protect it.

Cowhide with nubuck finish:
This is a thinner, lighter and smoother type of leather. Its finish is alternated when it frictions with clothes or the body and becomes brighter. Having no protective layer, it is more delicate to transferring colours or liquids.
This leather only supports the use of protective spray.

Lambskin leather:
This sophisticated leather has a natural, irregular texture. To achieve this aspect it has been treated with natural, veg products, therefore it is not as resistant to sun exposure. The shiny surface may change with use of special cream for leather, therefore we recommend to use only special spray for leather.

Stamped leather:
Some of our bags and accessories are made in textured leather, which is natural cowhide or suede but stamped. These textures give a different look and certain stiffness to the leather. With use, the leather gets softer. For these special leathers we also recommend to use special spray for leather.

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